Research and Commentary

Tossed on a Sea Change: A Status Update on the Responsible Fatherhood Field by Dr. Ronald B Mincy and Serena Kemplin, Center for Research on Fathers, Children and Family Well-Being. Columbia University School of Social Work 



The Characteristics and Circumstances of Teen Fathers: At the birth of their first child and beyond. by Mindy E. Scott; Jennifer Manlove; Nicole R. Steward-Streng; Kristin Anderson Moore, Child Trends



Fathers' Involvement in Child Care and Perceptions of Parenting Skill in the Transition to Parenthood, by Barry, Smith, Deutsch and Perry-Jenkins, Journal of Family Issues, 2011. A study exploring first-time fathers’ perceived child care skill over the transition to parenthood, based on face-to-face interviews of 152 workingclass, dual-earner couples.



Dads Who Do Diapers: Factors Affecting Care of Young Children by Fathers by Akiko Yoshida, Journal of Family Issues, August 2011 A study of paternal involvement with care of children under 5 that shows that daily involvement is more likely if fathers were raised by their biological fathers, received more education, have employed wives or partners, have a young male child, or receive public assistance; it is less likely if they have school-age children


Do Breastfeeding Intentions of Pregnant Inner-City Teens and Adult Women Differ? by Ashley Alexander, Mary Ann O'Riordan and Lydia Furman, published in Breastfeeding Medicine, December 2010
A study by local University Hospital pediatricians finds that the support of the father of the baby significantly influenced breastfeeding intent among our participants, suggesting that paternal involvement will be integral to the success of breastfeeding.


It Takes Two to Tango: Defining the Role of Fathers - an issue brief from the National Healthy Start Association


Adolescent Mothers' Perceptions of the Coparenting Relationship with their Child's Father: A Function of Attachment Security and Trust - by Arielle H Sheftall, Sarah J Shoppe-Sullivan, and Ted G Futris, Journal of Family Issues, 2010. Results of study show that mothers with lower attachment avoidance had more trust for their child's father and also had coparenting relationships characterized by less conflict and a stronger parenting alliance.


How Teen Fathers Matter for Children - by Stephanie Mollborn and Peter J. Lovegrove, Journal of Family Issues, 2010. Using the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study - Birth Cohort, the authors investigate how teenage fathers matter for children.


Racial Disparities in Mens Health and the Transition to Marriage Among Unmarried Fathers - by Haldane, Mincy and Miller, Journal of Family Issues, 2010. Article finds that serious health issues are reduced among young men that transition to marriage, particularly when they marry a woman with health insurance 


Preadolescent Violence Among Girls - by Wanda Boyer; Journal of Youth and Society, 2009.  An excellent article on girl to girl violence that will be helpful to fathers with daughters.



Just Doing What They Gotta Do: Single Black Custodial Fathers Coping With the Stresses and Reaping the Rewards of Parenting - by Roberta L. Coles; Journal of Family Issues, 2009




Depressive Symptoms in African American Nonresident Fathers and Involvement with their Sons- by

R. Neal Davis, Cleopatra Howard Caldwell, Sarah J. Clark and Matthew M. Davis; Journal of Pediatrics, 2009




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