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University Settlement's Healthy Fathering Initiative meets one Saturday each month. The target population of the program is broad, serving adult males who are either biological or non-biological parents of children. The criteria for enrollment are quite simple: Candidates must be interested in devoting time towards bettering themselves and the lives of the children they are responsible for.


At the beginning of each meeting, children and their fathers are separated from one another. The children are brought into a classroom where they are presented with both discussion topics and hands-on activities intended to engage their love of their father. While the children are participating in programming a group facilitator presents the men with the topic of the month. Topics might include "How to discipline my child," "Accepting a non-biological child in the home," and "How am I different from my dad?". After participating in a lively and sometimes heated discussion, fathers and their children are reunited and enjoy a prepared lunch together. After lunch, a group activity ensues. The activity is designed to be enjoyable to both the adult and the child (fishing, camping, and Indians' game) while allowing them to converse and share a bonding experience.


Transportation, food, admissions and all other costs are paid by University Settlement through a grant from Community Endeavors Inc.

Program Contact and Referrals:

Fred Knuckles
4800 Broadway Avenue         
Cleveland, OH  44127         
216.441.2907 extension 228
216.441.1067 fax

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Healthy Fathering Collaborative
P.O. Box 606194
Cleveland, OH  44106



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