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Towards Employment prepares individuals for the job market and supports them in successfully making the transition into the workplace, by offering a continuum of services - job readiness training, job search and placement, and retention services.  The NETWorks 4 Success (New Employment Training Works) program is designed to assist individuals who are or have been involved in the criminal justice system in finding and keeping quality jobs.  Starting with orientation and continuing through an intensive four-week workshop, job placement assistance and on-going retention support, the staff works with each trainee to build skills, change behavior, and remove barriers to successful employment. Towards Employment has a network of employers willing to give people a second chance, and has an outstanding record of matching program graduates with employer needs and making sure they succeed on the job.  Job retention rates for program graduates are among the highest in the country.  This performance is a direct result of the focus on job retention from day one of the program; a focus that continues with regular contact for at least six months after an individual gets a job.


Towards Employment offers many programs that assist people in need of job training, placement or supportive services


How the Program Works
Towards Employment focuses on two key components:  Softskills training, including communication, time management, and problem solving; and Lifeskills training, including managing work-life balance, financial literacy, parenting, prevention education and how to access community resources.  In addition, individuals are taught critical job search skills including resume writing, application preparation, and interviewing so they can find the best job match for their interests, skills and backgrounds.  The curriculum includes setting up email accounts, filling out on-line applications, conducting internet job searches and basic word processing to keep up with the ever-widening circle of employers who only process job applications via the internet.  The training environment mirrors the workplace, with strict attendance policy and dress code.


Legal Assistance
Towards Employment offers free legal services to clients with legal issues that are a barrier to them starting or keeping a job.  Any current or past client of Towards Employment has access to one-on-one and group counseling, support with court appearances, and full legal representation.


Job Search and Placement
Job-ready participants are matched with jobs based on their background, skills and experience.  Each participant meets with a career consultant to review skills, job history, goals and develop a job search plan.  Participants keep a log of all of their activity, which they review with their career consultant on a weekly basis.


Job Retention
Towards Employment services do not end when a graduate starts working.  Getting a job is the first step; keeping a job and being successful enough to eventually advance in the workplace is the ultimate goal.  The importance of job retention is discussed on the first day of each training workshop and reinforced throughout the workshop and job search period.  Follow-up is frequent and ongoing.  Career consultants are in touch with program participants within the first few days of the person starting a job, and stay in touch for at least the first 6 months of employment.

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