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Separation and/ or divorce is a difficult time for all members of the family.  However, children need additional support and reassurance.  A child's fear and sense of loss can be lessened by consistent, positive access to both parents.  Families may need assistance in providing safe, quality time for children to visit the non-residential family member.  The Supervised Visitation Center (a program of the Domestic Violence Center) provides this environment. 


For more information, contact Deborah Benn - 216.229.2420, ext 257


How Can We Help?
The Domestic Violence Center's Supervised Visitation Center is a neutral place where children and their non-residential parent(s) can experience “Positive” parenting time or exchange in the presence of a third person who is responsible for observing and ensuring the safety of those present.


Monitored Visits
The Supervised Visitation Center provides a safe place for the visiting of children and parenting time with non-residential parents.  This is to ensure that children are not traumatized by witnessing conflict between their parents, it enable parents to abide by no-contact orders and it provides safety for domestic violence victims.


How to Become Involved?
Many families are referred to the Supervised Visitation Center through court orders.  Attorneys, community service agencies, and parents themselves can request services, if both parties are willing to use the program.
*Fees for some clients will be assessed on a sliding scale


Our Policies
The Supervised Visitation Center has rules and policies that must be followed.  Once an appointment is scheduled, a copy of the policies will be made available to you.  Arriving on-time to your scheduled appointment is of primary importance in maintaining security


Safe and Sound Program Hours:
Wednesday-Friday evening and Saturday
Wednesday: We offer a Fathering Class for fathers already enrolled in the Safe and Sound Program

Program Contact and Referrals:

Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center's Supervised Visitation Center
Contact Rena Minor
11811 Shaker Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44120

Contact Info: 216.229.2420 ext 257

Contact Us

Healthy Fathering Collaborative
P.O. Box 606194
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*Email is the preferred form of contact.

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