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The Healthy Fathering Collaborative of Greater Cleveland is facilitating the integration of PATTHS for Dads into local fatherhood programs.  PATTHS stands for Parents Are Teaching and Talking about Healthy Sexuality.  The goal of this project is to empower fathers to become competent, confident educators of their children around issues of sexuality, and personal responsibility. 


Five organizations who have experience conducting PATTHS for Dads workshops with their fatherhood program groups hosted a total over 80 PATTHS for Dads workshops, engaging and educating over 1000 fathers and father figures between November 2009 and August 2010.  Support for the initiative was provided from a Title X family planning services grant to the Center for Community Solutions from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs, Office of Family Planning.  The curriculum for the program was shared by Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio.


Dads that participated in the PATTHS for Dads workshops learned to speak to their children honestly and openly about sexuality and reproduction and to role model responsible and healthy behaviors for their children.  Participants received a book to share with their child, a meal, bus passes and incentives.


The evaluation report of the PATTHS for Dads Initiative found that participating fathers reported:

  • an increase in their level of comfort talking about sex with their children
  • that they planned to talk to their children about topics related to sex after the workshop
  • an increase in knowledge about teens and sex
  • an increase in knowledge of their own sexual and reproductive health.

Download the evaluation brief or the full evaluation report.


PATTHS for Dads is offered free by the Reconnection Center on the third Wednesday of every month, 4-6 pm at the North Star Neighborhood Reentry Resource Center, 1834 E 55th Street.  Preregistration is not necessary.









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