Paternal Depression, Anxiety, Worries and Mood Struggles
Online resources for fathers struggling with mood, anxiety or depression around the birth of their child:

Postpartum Support International - monthly DADS Chat with an Expert, Tips for Dads & Partners, and Dads' Mental Health information
postpartummen - risks for for postpartum depression, online assessment, and online forum
Pacific Post Partum - symptoms and rist factors common in fathers experiencing depression, video testimonials
How is Dad Going? - an Austrialian website full of information and support

Tips for fathers - you are not alone...
Talk to friends or co-workers who are also new parents. They are likely facing some of the same challenges as you.
Take care of yourself; make time to relax and do things that you enjoy
Make an effort to talk with your partner, even if its just a few minutes each day, to connect and work on your relationship
Don’t expect to fix everything. Things will go wrong, and you won’t be able to fix them. Accept this.
If possible, try to take some time off work.
Find someone you trust with whom you can talk honestly about your experiences. This can be your partner, a family member, friend or counselor.
Keep yourself healthy. Eat well, exercise and see your family doctor if you have any health concerns.
(reprinted from Pacific Post Partum,


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