Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center

The Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center is a Faith Based Holistic Health Ministry of the New Light Community Church of the Nazarene.


Mission Statement: Through a faith-based, culturally competent partnership, Nueva Luz will reduce the negative impact of HIV/AIDS in the Greater Cleveland Latino community.  This will be accomplised through spiritual counseling, outreach, testing, prevention and supportive services in a safe, compassionate environment.



  • Case Management
    Support Groups
    Spiritual Counseling
    Nutrition Assistance
    Housing Assistance

Case Management:  Nueva Luz  provides case management services to the Latino community infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  The program assists underserved invidivuals in creating a support system to cope with the complex demands of HIV/AIDS.  Services are provided  by bilingual case managers in a culturally appropriate manner. 


Prevention Education:  Passing The Light is an HIV/AIDS education and prevention program for Latina women targeting the near west side of Cleveland.  The program provides a variety of interventions for women who are at risk.  Program interventions include:  educating hairstylists, club outreach, workshops, group presentations, testing referrals, peer group training, outreach to Latino faith based organizations, individual counseling.


The Black and Brown Dialogues are a series of dialogues between African American fathers and sons and Latino fathers and sons.  This community gathering happens once every two months and rotates locations on Cleveland's East and West sides.  Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center, on the West side and Passages Inc on the East side collaborated to develop the Dialogue series in 2007.  Both of these community-based organizations prioritize fatherhood and family in their missions and work.  The goal of the Black and Brown Dialogues is to bring together urban minority fathers and sons to explore cultural and racial themes, life skills, fatherhood and self identity.  

Program Contact and Referrals:

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center
2226 West 89th Street
Cleveland, OH  44102
216.651.8235 (fax)
Executive Director Rev. Max Rodas, MA

Contact Us

Healthy Fathering Collaborative
P.O. Box 606194
Cleveland, OH  44106



*Email is the preferred form of contact.

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