Center for Fatherhood and Family Dynamics

The Center for Fatherhood and Family Dynamics is a reource for any man who is or wants to be, an effective father; to identify and tap into his hidden strengths for his own benefit, and that of his family and community.


Serving Fathers...

  1. Through our Fatherhood Resource Center hotline - a repository of information regarding fathering, family strengthening, resources and support, especially with often frustrating legal issues involving paternity, child support, and custoday arrangements.
  2. By developing mutually negotiated service plans that define functional outcomes, goals and objectives for work that will increase family capacities and reduce neglect.
  3. With a combination of community-based crisis intervention, problem-solving, and cognitive and behavioral strategies with individuals, families and groups to build on strengths and address the concrete and dynamic elements of the way they behave.

Reources for Practitioners

We offer staff training and technical assistance for agencies entering the field or expanding their services to men and fathers.  The facilitation of fatherhood groups is an 'art of transformation' that draws on both a trainer's skills and personal characteristics.  We can help you prepare for the variety of personalities, situations and challenges that arise when you become an agent of change in the lives of men who want to be better parents.


What Make Us Different

Our staff works with each customer to explore the conventions of fatherhood- understanding the differences between the scripted role of father that comes to him from so many sources, and the nurturing attitude of being his child's dad. 


We perform holistic family assessments in order to develop unique solutions that draw upon deep cultural competencies and create a strong foundation for values-guided parenting.


We also work with each father to determine his strengths and challenges and envision the best use of his strengths to set goals for himself, his family-however he defines that- and his community.


The primary factor in determining our service mix is the pursuit of excellence in outcomes.


Our Outcomes Include:

  • Promoting generative parent-child relationships
  • Improving the ability to cope as a caregiver
  • Providing social support and community connections
  • Developing spiritual/cultural roots
  • Reducing conflict with families
  • Increasing social capital and economic stability
  • Building his own and his children's well-being


Principal and Staff

Muqit Sabur has more than 20 years of experience in developing curricula, recruiting participants, facilitating groups, designing programs, and developing staff within the fatherhood arena.


Mr. Sabur and his team provide support through the Fatherhood Resource Center as well as facilitating transformations in individual and small group settings.



Program Contact and Referrals:

Muqit Sabur

Center for Fatherhood and Family Dynamics
3631 Perkins Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44103


Contact Us

Healthy Fathering Collaborative
P.O. Box 606194
Cleveland, OH  44106



*Email is the preferred form of contact.

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