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The Centers' Fathers and Families Together (FAFT) program is designed to provide fathers with the tools to become caring, committed and responsible fathers. Goals are achieved in a variety of ways, including through participation in formally structured workshops and connection to community resources. The program is open to all men who are interested in developing fathering skills.  FAFT offers the following workshops on a regular basis:


Financial Literacy
Teaches basic budgeting, as well as household and credit management. One 8-hour workshop offered five times a year (comprised of 2 four-hour classes).
Cooking with Dads
Teaches fathers to plan, budget, purchase and prepare nutritional meals with their children. Promotes parent and child bonding. One 4-hour workshop offered monthly.
Living with the Law
Educates participants about family law, employment law, voting issues, housing rights and legal records. One 8-hour workshop offered five times a year (comprised of 2 four-hour classes).
Navigating Community Resources
Gives fathers the most current information about resources in the community. Helps participants understand what community services are offered and what they can expect when requesting a service. Resources in the following areas are covered: concrete needs (e.g., utilities, health resources, reentry resources, clothing, etc.), educational and recreational services for children;, adult educational opportunities and employment services. One 4-hour workshop offered monthly.
Healthy Relationships and Parenting
This workshop is offered in two parts. The first focuses on relationship development among parenting partners, the role of mothers/fathers and handling and expressing emotions. The second session focuses on parenting and fathering roles, such as how to get involved with one’s children and balance of work and family. One 8-hour workshop, offered six times a year (comprised of 2 four-hour classes).
Fathers Networking
This workshop gives dads the opportunity to meet and socialize and serves as a support group through positive parenting and community advocacy centered on male and fathering issues. This 8-hour workshop (offered over two days) is offered monthly.

Program Contact and Referrals:

Artis Gaines

FAFT Resource Advisor
The Centers for Families and Children
1941 S. Taylor Rd
Cleveland Hts, OH  44118

216.325.9124 direct

216.320.9533 fax

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Healthy Fathering Collaborative
P.O. Box 606194
Cleveland, OH  44106



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