Citizen Circles

Re-entry Means "Going Home to Stay"


Citizen Circles are groups of community members committed to helping offenders make the change from offender to citizen.  Citizen Circles create partnerships that promote positive social interaction and accountability to help offenders become productive citizens.  Citizen Circles, offenders and their families develop relationships with community members and jointly develop a plan to help the offender become a productive citizen.  Citizen Circles communicate to offenders the belief that their debt has been paid and the community is willing to accept them as a restored citizen.  Citizen Circles provide the opportunity for developing partnerships, making a difference in an offender's behavior while promoting community safety.


How do Citizen Circles work?

1. Offenders seek involvement of their own free will.

2. Acceptance into a Citizen Circle is contingent on:

  • Completing the Application Process
    Accepting responsibility of past criminal behavior and acknowledging the harm the offender has caused others
    Accepting agreed upon recommendations
    Participating in community services
    Setting goals focused on law abiding and productive community behavior

3. Citizen Circles focus on the future rather than the past.

4. Circles create an environment aimed at fostering acceptance and focusing on the offender's personal strengths.

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